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1978 - Class 25 (Type 2) Bo-Bo Locomotive


Class 25 (Type 2) Bo-Bo Locomotive

Model: Class 25 (Type 2) Bo-Bo Locomotive (Overall Model page) 
Running Number: 25247 
Category: Diesel Electric Locomotives
Diesel Electric Locomotives 
Locomotive Class: Class 25 (Type 2)
Class 25 (Type 2) 
Designer: British Railways 
Class Information: An elaboration of the earlier Class 24 design also built with Sulzer power plants, the Class 25 saw minor appearance differences with both modest speed and horsepower increases. Numerous Class 25 locomotives primarily saw service on the Midland and Scottish Regions of British Railways. They also saw service on the Western Region as interim replacements for the Class 35 Hymek locomotives upon withdrawal in 1972. More... 
Weight: 72 tons 
Purpose: Light Passenger & Freight 
Wheel Arrangement: BO-BO 
Model Information: * 35,800 solo models produced and 17,000 in sets. 
Models Produced: * 52,800 
* Information from Triang & Hornby, The Story of Rovex, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 - Pat Hammond
Company: B.R. - British Railways 
Logo: B.R. Logo 
Logo Years: 1965 - 1997 
British Railways 
Livery: B.R. Blue 
B.R. Blue 
Livery Details: Rail blue with yellow cab ends. 
Company Information: British Railways came into existence in 1948 when the dominating four British railway companies amalgamated. Steam traction on British Railways ended in 1968 and the system was re-branded as British Rail. 
Year: 1978 
Catalogue Number: R.068 
Year Information: Introduced in 1958, the Class 25 now numbers 470 locomotives. They can be seen on all regions of BR, although only rarely on the Southern and western regions. The locomotive is powered by a Sulzer 6 cylinder diesel giving 1250 HP at 750 rpm, and is in fact a diesel-electric, as power to the wheels is supplied by 4 AEI traction motors. The Hornby model includes illuminated headcodes that operate in the direction of travel, and has a fully detailed cab interior. It is powered by a Silver Seal Ringfield motor unit and is fitted with traction tyres to provide maximum hauling capacity. 
Model Motor: Ringfield 
Publication: Hornby Railways OO Model Catalogue 1978 
Publication Type: Catalogue 
Publication Edition: 24th Edition 
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  • Model: r068
  • Manufacturer: Hornby